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Feet are one of the most commonly fetishized body parts. If you're curious about "foot stuff" but want to wade into it slowly rather than leaping in feet-first, here are some fun things you can try...

A lot of the most widespread ideas about anal sex are actually misconceptions. Let's talk about some of the myths that are commonly believed about anal sex, and why they're just not true.

Dating online can be a complicated process. Besides wanting to make a good impression with others that might be compatible with you, it's also important to consider your security. Learn how to combine these considerations into an online dating strategy that supports your dating goals.

Kink and BDSM are often represented as partnered pursuits, or even as something you might participate in at an orgy or play party with several other people. But is it possible to do kink on your own?
Orgasm control is the eroticization of taking control of someone else’s (or your own) orgasms, or giving up that control to another person, and it can manifest in many different ways. Let’s talk about some of the most common types of orgasm control in the world of kink.
There are several reasons that some people love pegging or being pegged, including prostate pleasure, power play, gender affirmation, and more!
One key motivator for some kinky folks is the way that kink can reduce their stress level, both in the moment during a scene and in a more long-term way over months or years. Here are some of the ways kink lowers stress in the body and brain.

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