6 ways to tiptoe into foot fetishism

6 ways to tiptoe into foot fetishism

Feet are one of the most commonly fetishized body parts. While this is mystifying to some folks, for others it makes total sense: the feet are sensitive to sensual stimulation like massage and tickling, and having them touched can evoke sexual feelings, even in people who don't particularly eroticize feet themselves.

There's also some evidence that neurologically speaking, the area of the brain responsible for sensation in the feet is near the genital sensation area, which may be the reason for the common neural "crosstalk" between those two areas.

If you're curious about "foot stuff" but want to wade into it slowly rather than leaping in feet-first, here are some fun things you can try...


Give or receive a foot massage

As mentioned, many people respond well to having their feet rubbed. When properly lubricated, a foot massage can be every bit as satisfying, relaxing, and intimate as any other kind of massage.

If the receiver is ticklish, it can be helpful for the giver to apply more pressure, rather than less. Sometimes ticklishness is triggered by a light touch and firmness is the solution. Ask if you're not sure!


Wear sexy shoes

However you define "sexy shoes" for yourself, taking them for a spin can help you connect with the inherent sensuality of your feet. Maybe high heels are your kryptonite; maybe leather boots make you feel powerful and hot; maybe flipflops are your fave. Whatever your shoes of choice are, try wearing them while you're in a sexy headspace – whether that means during sex or just while out and about – and see how it affects your arousal.

If you prefer to fetishize other people's shoes, you could take your partner shopping for a new pair or just ask them to wear your favorites on your next date, and try to control your drooling until you get them back home!


Give or receive a pedicure

Shaping and painting a partner's (freshly cleaned) toenails can be sweet and connective. It's a fun thing to do while you're hanging out together, watching TV or just chatting. It also helps both of you get more acclimatized to touch in that area, so that you can try other foot-fetishy things once you're ready.


Try cute stockings or socks

Some people are convinced that their feet are hideous or gross; needless to say, this can make it difficult for them to relax into receiving foot-related pleasure, even if their partner is a vocally enthusiastic foot fetishist.

For these people, sometimes it can be helpful to wear socks or stockings during any kind of foot play, at least initially. You can experiment with different textures and thicknesses to see what feels best for each of you, both physically and mentally.


Watch foot fetish porn

When playing with a kink that's new to you, it can be difficult to know exactly what to do. Porn isn't a good sex education source in general, but it can be helpful when you're at a loss for sexy ideas but still want to fulfill your partner's (or your own) fetish.

Type "foot fetish" into your porn site of choice, perhaps alone or perhaps with a partner, and see what comes up. You never know when inspiration will strike!


Give or receive genital touch with feet

Of course, this isn't everyone's cup of tea, but some people like nothing better than receiving a "footjob"! This is where one person's genitals are stimulated by someone else's feet. Most often, this means a penis is being stroked between two feet, though vulvas can receive footjobs too, and you can experiment with all kinds of different methods.

Just make sure you use a good lube. Silicone-based lubricants are typically best for external play like footjobs.


Are you a foot fetishist / feet fan? How has that manifested in your sex life?

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