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Are you in a relationship? If so, you likely love your partner, right? Despite a deep and intense love for your partner, you may still want to see an improvement in your intimacy. Intimacy is very important to have a strong, happy, and healthy relationship. If you want to improve your intimacy, it is important to know that you have several different options. Keep reading...
Having an orgasm during sex can be hard to acheive for many women. With factors like the orgasm gap and people soley relying on penetrative sex, it’s no wonder many women have terrible reaching their big “O”. Even though it’s still possible to enjoy sex without an orgasm, most people prefer the icing with the cake. 
The goal of sex should not be orgasms: the goal of sex should be pleasure. Cisheteronormative scripts around sex tell us that sex ‘should’ end with an orgasm, but here are five ways to ‘round-off’ sex that aren’t you or your partner coming.
Power exchange – the interplay between dominance and submission, two very popular kinks – has amassed its fair share of myths and misconceptions… so let’s debunk some damaging delusions about D/s!

Pleasing a man or woman is the pinnacle of a great sexual relationship. Our men want us to bring them to orgasm manually, but sometimes we have NO clue how to do that masterfully. How tightly do we hold his cock? How far up and down his shaft do we move our hands? How do we hold our hands on him as we stroke him? Read this to learn how to master a penis like a pro. 


Foreplay is extremely important when it comes to a women’s sexual satisfaction. In fact, many women find foreplay to be as exciting as sex itself. Regardless if you view foreplay as the appetizer or the main course, it has to always be included with the meal. Here are some foreplay techniques to try that will be sure to enhance your sexual pleasure.

Not all sex is super spontaneous: for many couples, scheduling sex is an important part of keeping their sex life alive. But while you can turn on a vibrator, you can’t necessarily turn on your body, or your desire. So here are some tips to set the mood for scheduled sex. 


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