5 kinks to try when you have to be really, really quiet

5 kinks to try when you have to be really, really quiet

Staying with family over the holidays? Entertaining houseguests? Rolling your eyes at your roommate's rowdy house parties? Then it might be just the time to try some super-quiet kinky activities, so you and your partner(s) can get your kink on while keeping the volume level low. Here are 5 suggestions!

1. Try a ballgag

Sex and kink can both make sounds come out of your mouth that you didn't even know you were capable of making – which is often wonderful, but occasionally inconvenient. Slipping a ballgag into your mouth (or your partner's mouth) before playing can help keep the noise contained, while also inducing the helplessness, submission, and drooling that so many kinksters love about gags.

Remember to never leave a person unattended while they have a ballgag in, incase something goes wrong while you're out of the room. You can also look for beginner-friendly ballgags that have vents in them if you're worried about struggling to breathe with a gag in. And since the gagged partner won't be able to use their safeword if they need to end the scene for any reason, make sure you set up a safe-signal beforehand instead, like one partner tapping the other's arm 3 times in a row.


2. Make silence into a game

You've likely heard of sensory deprivation, the kinky practice of temporarily limiting your sight with a blindfold or your hearing with earplugs so as to intensify other sensations and create a sense of thrilling mystery. For similar reasons, it can be fun if one partner instructs the other to remain silent for the duration of a scene. Maybe making noise will result in a punishment later on, maybe it'll just mean someone doesn't get to have an orgasm that night, or maybe you can make up your own repercussions!

It's especially fun to do this while teasing, pleasing, and (consensually) "torturing" the person who has to remain silent, so as to make the task as difficult as possible for them. What sex or kink acts tend to make your partner moan or cry out the loudest? Try those, and see if they can keep it all inside!


3. Inflict pain... quietly

Some sadomasochistic activities, like spanking, whipping, and electrostimulation, are unavoidably noisy. But there are plenty that aren't – and these are the ones you can turn to when you're craving a painful scene but don't want to arouse suspicion from whoever's in the next room.

Wax play is relatively silent, for example, as are scratching and biting. If you find yourself missing impact play, keep in mind that punching someone's butt is a whole lot quieter than slapping it – and it creates a deeper, thuddier sensation that some people prefer, too!


4. Get playful with roleplay

Certain types of roleplay scenarios can lend themselves particularly well to one character being instructed or "forced" to remain silent. Having to keep quiet in your own home isn't always fun, but this is one way you can subvert it into something exciting and positive.


5. Tease & denial

Of course, one way of dealing with the problem of not being able to have noisy sex is to just... not have sex at all.

That may not sound terribly fun, but through the magic of kink, you can make it hot in its own way. Flirt with your partner, send them sexts about what you'll do to them once you're able to make noise again, flash them when you get out of the shower, or whatever else gets them hot – let that desire and arousal simmer for hours or days or even weeks, and things will get absolutely explosive once you're able to be loud again!


What do you tend to do, sex- and kink-wise, in situations where you have to be very quiet?

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