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Momentum Intimacy is the first line of sexual health products created by a physician in the United States.

Momentum Intimacy was founded by Dr. Draion Burch AKA “Dr. Drai,” also known as America’s OBGYN.

Dr. Drai created his line of sexual health and intimacy protection products to serve his patients, his many devoted followers and everyone who wants to have great sex.

Dr. Drai promotes sexual health through his speaking, writing and medical practice. His many years working with patients and listening to their concerns, as well as answering thousands of questions from his online followers on showed him the need for a line of exceptional sexual health and wellness products.

Dr. Drai understands that people who have an exciting and vibrant sex life inside the bedroom have a strong and loving relationship outside of it.

Dr. Drai designed Momentum Intimacy products to encourage people to find that exciting and vibrant sex life while staying safe and healthy.

Momentum Intimacy products are the top-of-the-line intimate use products for discerning individuals & couples. The range of Momentum Intimacy products include:

Momentum Silicone Lubricant For Her.

Specially formulated to stay slippery, our silicone lube gives you and your partner a long-lasting, frictionless experience. Use it in the hot tub or shower, with your favorite non-silicone toys, or as an alternative to massage oil. Unlike many other commercially available lubricants, it doesn’t leave a greasy stain.

Momentum Water-Based Lubricant For Her.

Silky smooth and made to stay that way longer, our water-based lube gives you a flowing, gentle feel, inside and out. This all-natural, gel-like lube helps you enjoy your most intimate moments, with your partner or by yourself. It’s safe to use with all condoms and cleans up easily with water.

Momentum Condoms For Her.

Designed to fit firmly so nothing slips, while still letting you both feel every thrust, our condoms help you and your partner reduce the chances of unwanted pregnancies and STIs. Feel every movement and keep the momentum going as long as you can.

Momentum Box For Her.

Need something to spice up your time in the bedroom? Check out the Momentum Box. It’s got everything you need for an orgasmic experience, whether you plan to spend it with that special someone, or you just need a little “me time.”

Momentum Organic Aloe Lubricant for All.

Enjoy your most intimate experiences to the fullest, knowing you’re treating your body right using our 100% organic aloe-based personal lubricant. Infused with oat and quinoa, this silky-smooth lube keeps you happy and healthy inside and out.

Momentum Hybrid (Silicone + Water) Lubricant for All.

Get the best of both worlds with this water and silicone-based personal lubricant which delivers a silky, smooth glide that lasts, without the unnatural, sticky feel or the greasy stains. Enjoy the passion without the mess, just bliss.

We make all Momentum products with the highest-quality materials and ingredients. Both of our lubricants are hypoallergenic and free from parabens, preservatives, dyes and perfumes. Our condoms are made with superior-quality latex.

Spreading pleasure and passion is the goal of our company. That means preventing irritation to the most sensitive areas and helping our customers find the most enjoyable ways of spending intimate time with each other, or with themselves.

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