Women (and Men), Touch Your Man's Penis Like A Pro by Dr. Drai

Women (and Men), Touch Your Man's Penis Like A Pro by Dr. Drai

Pleasing a man or woman is the pinnacle of a great sexual relationship. Our men want us to bring them to orgasm manually, but sometimes we have NO clue how to do that masterfully. How tightly do we hold his cock? How far up and down his shaft do we move our hands? How do we hold our hands on him as we stroke him?

Getting a man to experience orgasm as we touch him can take some time and often women feel clumsy about it because our arm may wear out before he reaches orgasm. Then in frustration, he moves our hand aside and does it himself, right, the first time.

Every man is different and may have a technique that feels best to them. So you may have to experiment, ask questions (in a sexy tone) and watch how he does it himself (a woman watching her man masturbate can be a real turn-on to a man). Try offering to let him cum in your mouth or on your breasts to entice him to let you watch. Remember that as they get closer to orgasm, they often change techniques. Watch for that. Gently playing with his testicles as you watch is a great way to help out.

So, if you can get your man to show you how he does it, you are miles ahead! But here are some techniques to help you touch your man's penis like a pro.

1) Place your body where you can rest your wrist on his hip or tummy and still be able to move your hand an inch and a half or two inches by flexing your wrist back and forth. This will help with your fatigue factor.

2) Wrap your first finger and thumb around his cock shaft two inches below his glans (the cute little crown men have at the bottom of their little helmet). You will move your hand from that location up to just below his crown, but not over his crown. That is your stroking range. Readjust your position beside him so that you can move your hand up and down his cock this distance by simply flexing your wrist, your wrist, and forearm resting on him. Remember, this may take a while, so get comfy.

3) Stroke Slow. Don't wear yourself out by stroking too fast. Nice, slow movements up and down his shaft are the key. You will feel his cock continue to harden if you are going at the right speed. If his cock begins to soften, you are doing it wrong (Make your fantasy more lurid, slow your speed, let your little finger caress his balls each time you come to the bottom of your stroke).

4) Entice him. Breathe in his ear, and whisper sexual fantasies to him if you want to shorten the process. This is one reason you should have your head right next to his.

5) Don't grip too tight. How tightly do you grip? Put three fingers in your mouth, and purse your lips around them. Now purse your lips (NOT your teeth) as tightly as you can. THAT is how tightly you should hold his shaft in your hand. If you are gripping it correctly, then you should feel the irregularities that lie under the skin of his penis.

6) Orgasm. When he is beginning to stiffen throughout his body, and breath harder, don't speed up. Wait, make him suffer as his body begins to beg for release. When his penis begins to swell slightly, and his balls begin to pulse, orgasm is near.

Thank you for reading this. Happy exploring!

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