Momentum For Her Sex Box
Momentum For Her Sex Box
Momentum For Her Sex Box
Momentum For Her Sex Box
Momentum For Her Sex Box
Momentum For Her Sex Box
Momentum For Her Sex Box
Momentum For Her Sex Box
Momentum For Her Sex Box

Momentum For Her Sex Box

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The Perfect Gift to Share with That Special Someone

Want to get your partner something to spice up your time together in the bedroom?

Look no further than the Momentum Box. It’s got everything you need to turn an average evening into an orgasmic one for both of you.

Here’s what you’ll get inside your Momentum Box:

  • One -3 oz bottle of Momentum Silicone-Based Lubricant 
  • One- 3 oz bottle of Momentum Water-Based Lubricant 
  • One- 3 oz bottle of Momentum Organic Aloe-based Lubricant
  • One- 3 oz bottle of Momentum Hybrid (Silicone +Water) Lubricant
  • One-10-pack of Momentum Male Condoms 
  • The Momentum Blindfold
  • The Momentum Handcuffs
  • One Momentum Face Mask 

That sounds like a recipe for a hot date night in. 

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find your pleasure.
feel the moment.


Love Love Love. I am truly in love with this lubricant... no mess on the sheets and feels so silky and smooth…


Amazing. This lubricant is by far my fav!! I love the sleekness of the lube as well as the clean up. It doesn’t stain sheets. It’s definitely a product I will continue to use & being Black owned is big + for me as well!!


Love this lube! It’s super slippery and makes my orgasms great! I can’t masturbate or have sex without it. I love Momentum!


Great Product! love the way it silky and no need to re-apply.

Developed By An OB-GYN

Dr. Drai, “America’s OBGYN” created his line of Momentum Intimacy products to fill a need he saw in the market. His patients wanted superior quality protection that they knew they could rely on to make their sexual experiences more pleasurable while preventing pregnancy and STIs.

Highest Quality Products to Make Sex Fun and Keep it Safe

The Momentum product line was created by board-certified and highly-respected obstetrician & gynecologist, Dr. Drai. He insists on using the best quality ingredients and materials in his products so they’re safe for you and your partner to use while offering the best performance to make every moment you spend together an absolute pleasure.

Accessories and Toys to Bring More Passion into Your Play

Experimentation and exploration are exciting and important parts of keeping your sex life vibrant and active. Momentum accessories stimulate your imagination and find new ways to keep the fire alive between you.

Rx For A Strong Relationship

Dr. Drai designed the Momentum box to help couples expand their sexual repertoire. A happy and sexually active couple is a healthy couple, in and outside the bedroom. Consider the Momentum Box your Rx for a strong relationship.

Vegan And Paraben Free Lubrication

All of our Momentum Lubricants are both paraben-free & Vegan. They’re made with top-of-the-line ingredients, so they last longer than most other lubricants available on the market today. They’re both dye and perfume-free and hypoallergenic, so you’re less likely to have irritation in your most sensitive areas.

Condoms that Fit Right and Protect You Both

Momentum condoms are made of superior quality latex so they have the perfect fit, yet let you feel every move he makes. Our condoms pair well with both of our lubricants to keep you and your partner safe from unexpected pregnancies and STIs, but still, give you every moment of passion and enjoyment you both deserve.

Easy Clean Up & No Stains

They also clean up easily after you’re done. Our Momentum lube is specially formulated not to leave a greasy stain behind and washes out with soap and water.

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