5 kink implements you probably already have around the house

5 kink implements you probably already have around the house

Many kinksters love to use "pervertibles" – household objects that have been repurposed for kinky usage. They're often less expensive than their sex-shop counterparts, and are sometimes more durable to boot. Plus, trips to the hardware store or kitchen supply store certainly get more interesting when you view them as sex toy shopping expeditions.

Naturally, though, since pervertibles weren't designed specifically for sex and kink, they're not always safe to use. Employ your common sense when picking one out: avoid anything with rough surfaces or sharp edges, make sure the material is skin-safe and easy to clean, and probably don't use the same spatula for spanking that you use for cooking breakfast (unless you're into that).

Here are some potential pervertibles that you probably already have, and can incorporate into a kink scene if you so desire. If you've got some condoms, some lube, one or two of these items, and a partner who's willing to experiment, then you've got a fun night ahead of you.


1. Makeshift blindfold

Got a sleeping mask? A bandana? Even an opaque shirt that you could tie around someone's head? Then you've got yourself a blindfold of sorts.

Blindfolds can be incorporated into lots of different types of kink scenes. They add an element of surprise and intrigue to your play, and sometimes your other senses feel heightened when one is temporarily taken away.


2. Spoons and spatulas

Some of the most popular pervertibles are wooden spoons and silicone spatulas. In the case of wood, it's best to use a spoon you haven't already used for cooking or run through the dishwasher, because moisture weakens wood and makes it more prone to snapping or splintering – but if you've got an unused spoon that's varnished or has been sanded smooth, then you've got yourself an impact play implement!

Silicone spatulas are another great option: they're super easy to clean, hard to actually harm someone with, and provide one hell of a sting.


3. Ice cubes

It might not seem that kinky, but don't knock it 'til you try it – having an ice cube dragged across your skin can be surprisingly intense, and even painful. It seems to release endorphins in a similar way to getting spanked, scratched, or bitten – but doing so requires no special equipment besides the ice cube tray in your freezer, typically leaves no marks, and requires only minimal clean-up.

If you plan on using an ice cube on your partner, you may want to tie them down and/or blindfold them beforehand, to enhance the dominant/submissive dynamic at play.


4. Wooden hairbrush

Not the bristly side! That would be a whole different type of pain, and (depending on the material of the bristles) risks breaking skin. No, instead you can flip the brush around and use the flat wooden side of it as a spanking tool.

Many kinksters who fetishize "domestic discipline" enjoy implements that feel authentically disciplinary, like hairbrushes, rulers, straps, and frat paddles. A hairbrush is also a great shape and size because it's easy to control and to keep a good grip on, even for a beginner.


5. Clothespins

Regular ol' wooden clothespins can make surprisingly decent nipple clamps. They tend to hurt a fair bit more than regular clamps, though, so take that into consideration.

As with any kind of nipple clamps, make sure to take these off if you feel any tingling or numbness, as that can indicate that they're on too tight. But for brief bursts of nipple pain, clothespins are an easy and accessible option that you might already have around.

 Have you ever used pervertibles? What are your favorites?

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