4 reasons why period sex can be super hot

4 reasons why period sex can be super hot

People with vaginas will have around 450 periods in their lifetime - that’s roughly 3,500 days spent menstruating! While not everyone is comfortable with the idea of having sex on their period, there’s no need to avoid sexual activity when you’re menstruating. Period sex is totally safe, though it definitely can get messy. In fact, having sex on your period isn’t just possible, it can be incredibly pleasurable.

As a society we’re becoming more comfortable with tackling sexual taboos, but there’s still a lot of shame around having sex on your period. But periods aren’t gross, and period sex can be super hot! Here’s four reasons why you might want to give it a go:

1. Increased libido

People with vagina’s desire for sex changes throughout their cycle as their hormones fluctuate. Some people find that their libido is highest when they ovulate (roughly halfway through your cycle), while others find it peaks at the end, when they’re on their period. During your period, progesterone (which suppresses libido) drops, while estrogen (which raises sex drive) increases. Put simply: lots of people find that they’re really horny when they’re on their period!

It can be super hot to enjoy that heightened arousal - and increased sensitivity - by having sex. You definitely shouldn’t let your period stop you from acting on your horniness.


2. Intimacy with your partner

We’re taught that periods are ‘gross’ (even though they’re not!) and something we should be ashamed of, so period sex is still seen as ‘taboo’. Because period sex can be messy and the person on their period might be feeling more vulnerable than usual, period sex can lead you to feeling closer to each other. The trust involved means that if you’re comfortable enough to have period sex with your partner, it can be a really intimate experience.

Even if you’re worried about what your partner will think, it’s worth having an open and honest conversation with them about it. Most people are open to the idea of having period sex, and you can work together to find what sex acts will work for both of you!


3. Natural lubrication

Period sex can feel different (in a good way!) to sex when you’re not on your period because in addition to vaginal lubrication, all your period fluids can act as extra lube. Because menstrual blood is made up of thickened endometrial cells mixed with blood from uterine arteries, it’s a great consistency to make everything more slippery and enjoyable.

Of course, there’s no shame in wanting to use more lube on top of your natural lubrication! Momentum Silicone-Based Lubricant is perfect for some added slickness - and it works well for shower sex if you’re looking to minimise mess.


4. Orgasms can relieve cramps

One of the worst parts of being on your period can be the super painful cramping. Orgasms release oxytocin, dopamine, and endorphins that alleviate the pain of period cramps. (And period sex can be a far more fun way to access these feel-good chemicals than exercise, which also releases them!) The increased blood flow to your genitals during your period can also make them more sensitive, which might mean you experience more intense orgasms.

There’s also research showing that period sex can actually shorten your period! The contracting of the uterus during an orgasm can speed up the shedding of your uterine lining.

What if I’m not interested in period sex?

It’s also totally ok if period sex is not your thing! While period sex can be hot and intimate, the same rules apply as with any other kind of sex: you’re always allowed to say no. If your partner isn’t into period sex, you can try masturbating or using sex toys solo. But while you need to respect your partner’s boundaries, it’s not ok for them to make you feel ashamed of your body or your desires when you’re on your period.

There’s a ‘joke’ in pop culture that when a person is on their period, that week is designated ‘blow job week’ for their partner, because vaginal penetration is off the table. Firstly, vaginal penetration definitely doesn’t have to be off the table, even when you’re on your period! But it’s also important to remember that what you do with your partner should be mutually pleasurable for both of you. Being on your period doesn’t mean your pleasure isn’t important, and whether or not you have period sex you deserve a partner who respects that.

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