5 Ways To Dominate Your Partner In The Bedroom by Dr. Drai

5 Ways To Dominate Your Partner In The Bedroom by Dr. Drai

Hello, #MomentumWomen! Are you interested in taking the lead in the bedroom? There’s no better way to spice up your sex life than with a little switch-a-roo in the bedroom. As long as both adults consent (so be sure to discuss this to make sure your partner approves), being the dominant partner for pleasure in the bedroom is a fun and creative way to liven things up and make you feel powerful. Here are 5 ways you can successfully be a dominant partner in the bedroom.

1. Let your partner know that you are the boss. Now's the time to be bossy. Give clear instructions and commands and expect them to be followed.

2. Be the initiator. Catch your partner off guard by initiating sex. Bonus points for doing it in a sexually intimidating outfit.

3. Tie him up. Don’t be afraid to take control by blindfolding or tieing up your partner. The addition of these ensures that your partner will be ready, willing, and able to listen, touch and suck as commanded. Additionally, now’s a great time to pull out the whips, handcuffs, gags, and toys.

4. Tease him. Now that you’ve initiated a hot sexual encounter, have put on the sexy attire, and let your partner know you’re in control, it’s time to tease him. Choose a position that puts you in control so that you can control the orgasm.

5. Punish for bad behavior. Partner being naughty? Punish him and punish him good! Let him know that you are in control.

Thank you for reading this #MomentumWomen! 

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